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“Thank you for helping build the bridge between talk and action, ideas and reality, soil and sustenance!  Count me in.”

“This seems like the most reasonable and constructive thing to do… a win/win for all!”

“Building a hyper-local economy of food helps connect neighbors and provide a sustained network in the event of disaster.”

“I am a backyard gardener in a block with many bounteous backyard veggie gardeners.  I support this legislation”

“This would advance community building, access to nutritional foods at better prices, and allow children to see how their food is grown.”

“Most Berkeley residents have been experiencing mounting pressures from rising food and fuel prices over the past few months.  The passage of the proposed amendment would allow residents of the city to support themselves and their families with the literal fruits of their own labor.    Individuals should be empowered to seek out and create profitable and sustainable lifestyle choices and not only enhance their own standard of living, but also serve to enhance the environment and the local community.”

“Cities should grow much more of their food within city limits – to save transport cost, to have more green open space, to engage residents in an earth-connected activity, and to enable them to eat fresher, healthier, non-processed food.”

“This is good for everyone and will enhance our neighborhoods with greater connection with each other, health, and better sustainability”

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